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Terms of Service

Supplier Terms and Conditions: The use of Gotfueloil.com by you the supplier, agree that the conditions set forth in this agreement are accepted by you without modification of any of the terms and conditions herein. Your use of this Web site constitutes your agreement as a whole. Accepting these terms are legally equivalent of signing a written document.  

Gotfueloil.com is not a heating oil company. We do not sell heating oil. Gotfueloil.com is an avenue for heating oil suppliers to promote and sell their product online to increase orders and reduce advertising expenses. Gotfueloil.com saves money and adds convenience for the supplier by reducing the number of telephone shoppers requesting prices only, reducing delivery cancellations at the door due to pre-paid fuel orders and also reduces time spent at each delivery waiting for payment. *Pre-paid deliveries also reduce the need for consumers to be home and wait for the delivery truck, thus increasing production by adding more deliveries per truck. Gotfueloil.com offers suppliers the availability to accept major credit cards and debit cards over the Internet without the expense of having separate merchant accounts. Orders for heating oil can be taken 24/7/365 without the added expense for additional telephone operators, answering services or staff members to schedule deliveries.

Gotfueloil.com also offers a new avenue for consumers to select a heating oil supplier of their choice and have the convenience to purchase and arrange heating oil to be delivered to a residential property from that supplier. Heating oil prices that are advertised on this Website are based upon information provided by individual heating oil suppliers without verification by Gotfueloil.com. Each individual heating oil supplier will have their own user name and password for easy access to update their own information and oil prices at any time. Gotfueloil.com makes no representation or warranty regarding the price, quality, delivery or availability of heating oil by the suppliers referred to on this Website. 

Heating oil suppliers who sell their product on Gotfueloil.com are independent entities of Gotfueloil.com and are selected by the consumer at the time the order is placed. Gotfueloil.com does not endorse any particular company over another nor does Gotfueloil.com warranty any service provided by the supplier. All suppliers on Gotfueloil.com have confirmed to be both licensed by their State or County and claim to be properly insured for consumer protection. Suppliers who sell heating oil on Gotfueloil.com agree not to hold Gotfueloil.com responsible for any form of errors in delivery, errors in pricing, property damage, problems with heating system, running out of oil or any faults that were sustained in error or by accident by supplier or consumer. Gotfueloil.com's sole purpose is to provide a convenient avenue for suppliers to promote their business and for consumers to purchase heating oil.
Non-Solicitation Covenant
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must any supplier promote their own business telephone number, Website or any other type of direct promotion on Gotfueloil.com without consent from Gotfueloil.com. Furthermore, Any supplier directly soliciting Gotfueloil.com customers online or offline or if involved with any illegal activity will be removed from Gotfueloil.com permanently. In addition, any direct solicitation of Gotfueloil.com members will be considered breach of this non-compete agreement. Any supplier who registers and sells oil or services on Gotfueloil.com agrees that their firm, company or employees of their company will not directly or indirectly solicit business from, or attempt to sell or provide the same products or services to any customer, client or member of Gotfueloil.com while you are still an active supplier on Gotfueloil.com or for a period of 3 years after your account is terminated. Any supplier that breaches this agreement agrees to pay compensation to Gotfueloil.com. Compensation will be decided upon the number of members that were serviced by the supplier x $75.00
Gotfueloil.com only lists fuel oil dealers that are exclusive to Gotfueloil.com. In return, Gotfueloil.com vendors can accept Unlimited orders, Cash or Credit card orders, add their custom logo in their ad, offer promo codes,  special promotions and have advertising assistance from Gotfueloil.com.  We reserve the right to remove a dealers entire ad or cash ordering ability, logos and special promotions from those suppliers accounts that do not remain exclusive. The exclusive supplier agreement has no additional fees and is accepted by the dealer upon registering their business on Gotfueloil.com.  PLEASE NOTE: Exclusivity does not include your own Website or Website directories (ie: yp.com, superpages.com, etc.). It refers to Websites that specifically sell oil online where your Company participates as a supplier.
It is the responsibility of the supplier to ensure their prices and state or county taxes are current and accurate. Suppliers agree that all oil deliveries from Gotfueloil.com are delivered to residential homes only. Commercial orders are not to be delivered to due to the tax rates are different than residential. If a supplier chooses to accept an order for a commercial property, you agree to pay all appropriate commercial gross receipts tax and state sales taxes. Gotfueloil.com cannot distinguish a residential order from a commercial order due to the automated process. Suppliers are recommended to cancel any commercial order received from Gotfueloil.com or to collect the appropriate sales tax upon delivery.  Current Fee schedule below is based on the total of each fuel order

Participating DEALER Membership FEES


Participating members are oil companies that participate in online oil delivery sales. There is no monthly fee as a participating member. There is a small transaction fee per delivery ONLY if Gotfueloil.com provides you with an oil delivery order. There is no fee for participating members if no oil deliveries are ordered for their company. Transaction fees are based upon the total sale. Fees are as follows: (see below for fee schedule)

Cash Sales $0.085 per gallon
Visa, Mastercard, Discover 6.95%
American Express 6.95%

These fees are based on current rates as of 3/1/16  01/16/06. Bank rates and Gotfueloil.com rates are subject to change. You will be notified in advance if there are any changes in rates.


Suppliers agree that their CASH oil prices posted on Gotfueloil.com will NOT exceed their own prices quoted over the telephone or displayed on their own website plus the current CASH ORDER commission fee of Gotfueloil.com (.085 cents per gallon)  Suppliers agree that theirCREDIT CARD oil prices on Gotfueloil.com will NOT exceed their own prices quoted over the telephone or displayed on their own website plus a maximum of .10 cents per gallon. Gotfueloil.com reserves the right to remove suppliers or CASH ORDER processing from suppliers who do not meet these terms.



Suppliers that choose to accept cash orders for oil deliveries also agree that cash pricing does not exceed 9 cents per gallon below their credit card pricing. The ability to accept cash orders are only for exclusive Gotfueloil.com suppliers. Gotfueloil.com does not guarantee that cash customers will be home for delivery. We urge all suppliers to confirm cash orders prior to delivery. As of 9/1/2008, our fee for cash orders is 8.5¢ cents per gallon. Gotfueloil.com reserves the right to change fees. All suppliers will be notified via e-mail if any fee changes are made.

Credit Card Payments

All online payments for heating oil are processed and received by Gotfueloil.com at the time the order is placed. Depending on form of payment, all transactions on Gotfueloil.com will appear on consumer’s bank or credit card statement as Gotfueloil.com. All payments for heating oil deliveries will be disbursed to the selected supplier after clearing of funds by the merchant bank. Depending on form of credit card payment, most orders will be cleared for payment to suppliers within 3 business days after the order is completed and posted. Payments are made three days per week (Mon, Wed, Fri) excluding Holidays. Payment is made vis direct deposit (ACH). Suppliers who sell their product on this website have agreed to pay Gotfueloil.com 6.95%) of the total amount of each oil delivery for MasterCard, Visa & Discover card orders. American Express orders will be charged at 6.95% of the total delivery amount. This percentage covers online payment transaction fees to accept major credit cards and operational expenses of this website. This is a free service for consumers.

Order Notification 

All oil delivery orders received by Gotfueloil.com will be forwarded to the selected supplier via electronic mail (e-mail). Orders can also be sent optionally to each supplier via text message. Orders will also be entered directly in each of the suppliers Gotfueloil.com delivery manager account.  Additionally, Gotfueloil.com and the consumer will also receive a copy of the delivery order via e-mail.

Suppliers MUST check the “delivery manager” section of their Gotfueloil.com account more than once daily to ensure that they receive all orders from Gotfueloil.com. Email and text message notification is NOT 100% reliable and should NOT be used as the only source of obtaining your orders. We offer it as a convenience. Your Delivery Manger section of your Gotfueloil.com account is 100% reliable. All orders will be in your account regardless of email or text message failure.


Oil Price change at time of delivery

Orders requesting more heating oil that can safely be pumped into the fuel storage tank without the occurrence of a spill are subject to price changes according to the suppliers current price for the allotment of heating oil delivered. (Example: if 200 gallons was ordered and the tank filled up at 170 gallons, the price per gallon will be adjusted to the corresponding price for 170 gallons).Oil Dealers please use discretion on oil prices for deliveries that are close to the ordered amount (IE: if a customer orders 200 gallons and the tank fills up at 190, the 200 gallon price should be charged). Typically, most suppliers offer a 10-15 gallon leniency.

Order Changes at time of delivery (cash orders only)
Deliveries taking more heating oil than on originally ordered are subject to price changes according to the supplier's current price for the allotment of heating oil delivered. (Example: if 200 gallons was ordered and the customer authorizes the supplier at time of delivery to change the order to 250 gallons, payment for the additional oil (example: 50 gallons) must be paid to Gotfueloil.com and the delivery receipt must indicate the change and signed by the customer. In either event, the additional oil must be sent to Gotfueloil.com so it can be added to the customer’s account.  Under NO circumstances must any additional oil be collected by the oil dealer.PLEASE do not deviate from Credit Card Orders. Our system is automated and credit card approval is not accessible for adding more gallons to an existing order.

Order Posting

Suppliers must “post” their completed deliveries in the “delivery manager” section of their Gotfueloil.com account within five (5) days of delivery. Posting an order consists of entering the delivery ticket number, amount of gallons delivered and entering the correct oil price for each delivery completed and clicking the “update” link to complete the order. If there are outstanding orders more than five (5) days and they are NOT posted, your Company’s display ad on Gotfueloil.com will go offline until the orders are posted.

Order Transfers
If a dealer cannot deliver to a customer on schedule and the order needs to be transferred to
another dealer, the new dealer must be paid their posted price by the dealer who transferred the order.

Company Spotlight
Company Spotlight service is a self serve avenue where Oil Dealers (Vendors) can promote their business on Gotfueloil.com and get top of the page coverage for their advertisement in any area that they select. Payments are also self serve within your Gotfueloil.com account via all major credit cards. Once a Spotlight Area is selected and paid, there are no cancellations or refunds as this is an automated service and it cannot be undone.


A chargeback is a forced refund to the customer via the merchant's bank account. Chargeback's can occur with any type of business, but it is more prevalent for Internet businesses because of the increased chance of fraud. Each fraudulent credit card transaction usually results in a chargeback. Chargeback's issued for any reason or stopped payment by consumers are the sole responsibility of the supplier. As with any form of payment with the exception of actual cash on delivery, there is a risk involved. All transactions completed on Gotfueloil.com are authorized in advance prior to disbursing the order to you, the supplier. Before a purchase can be made on Gotfueloil.com, all consumers must first agree to the terms of this website which includes their responsibility for payment of any completed oil delivery. Gotfueloil.com cannot accept responsibility for chargeback's, however in the event of a chargeback, Gotfueloil.com will forward the consumer's agreement with the date of acceptance to you, the supplier. You may use this agreement for any dispute process for retrieving monies due. Gotfueloil.com will also aid you, the supplier as best as possible in the unlikely event of a chargeback dispute. In order to reduce fraudulent transactions, we use the address verification systems code (AVS) when a credit card transaction is submitted for processing. The customer's address is checked against the card-issuing bank's address on file. The transaction results page will return an AVS code, which will tell you whether the address and zip code matched or not.

 Chargeback Prevention
The best possible chargeback prevention is to have your delivery ticket signed by the customer as often as possible. A signed receipt is proof that the customer received the delivery and lessens the chances of a chargeback.

All local fuel oil taxes are calculated on each order at the corresponding tax rate provided by the supplier during account set up. As tax rates change, it is the responsibility of the supplier to login to the “service areas” section of their account on Gotfueloil.com and update the tax rate.All applicable sales taxes are forwarded to the supplier from Gotfueloil.com within the payment of oil deliveries. Payment of all sales tax is the responsibility of the supplier and under no circumstances will Gotfueloil.com be responsible.

Cancellation of service
Any supplier that wishes to be removed from Gotfueloil.com can do so at anytime. There is no contract or agreement to sell your product on this website. All suppliers on Gotfueloil.com have entered their company information on a voluntary basis to increase sales for their business. All monies due to any supplier upon cancellation of service will be paid according to payment terms above. To stop displaying your company, simply login to your account and click "no" on the "display my company" radio button.

Termination of Account by Gotfueloil.com
Gotfueloil.com reserves the right to remove any Company and terminate their account at their discretion. 

Intellectual Property
This Web Site and all material is the property of Gotfueloil.com, including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, service marks, logos, logo's created by Gotfueloil.com for dealer members or consumer comments are owned by Gotfueloil.com, and is considered intellectual property which is bound by intellectual property Laws. 

Liabilities and Limitations
Gotfueloil.com is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures of any kind; lost or unavailable network connections; incomplete, garbled or delayed computer transmissions. Under no circumstances will Gotfueloil.com or its suppliers be liable for any damages or injury that result from the use of the materials on this site. THE MATERIALS ON THIS SITE ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE PURSUANT TO APPLICABLE LAWS.

*Terms of this agreement are subject to change without notice. Any changes in these terms will supersede all prior terms. Please check back often for the most updated version.